Tractrac Chat

Cercomela tractrac

This small, short-tailed chat comes in two colour forms; the white tractracs of the Namib and the darker, sandy brown chats in the south. Its white rump and the white outer base to its tail, separate it from other chats (the most similar being sickle-winged).

I first recorded this small chat with Gordon Botha in September 2011 while birding the Tankwa Karoo route. Since then Eileen and I have seen it on a number of occasions while travelling through the Karoo and Namibia.

Tractrac Chat / Central Namibia / 11 July 2012 Tractrac Chat (Albicans) / Northern Namibia / 11 July 2012 Tractrac Chat / Brandvlei, Northern Cape, South Africa / 02 July 2012 Tractrac Chat / Tanqua Karoo, South Africa / 02 September 2011