Habitat Shots

The “Habitat Shots” section presents a selection of our most prized “birds in their environment” photographs.

Habitat shots, birdscapes or “birds in their environment” images must rank as some of the most difficult photographs to master. In essence, they are small in the frame photographs of birds taken in a setting that exemplifies (or eludes to) their natural environment, and hopefully tell a story to the audience.

This genre of bird photography combines the art of landscape photography (texture, lighting, composition…) with the challenges of bird photography (movement, focus, eye contact…). It also affords the photographer more expression, as there is lots of subjectivity in these images i.e. they often evoke completely different responses from different people.

I personally find habitat shots the most satisfying to take, given this combination of challenge and creativity. They provide context and tell a narrative, and are definitely my favourite genre of bird photography.

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A male, Drakensberg Rockjumper looks out on his boulder strewn, mountain side habitat at the top of Naude’s Nek. A male, Red-collared Widowbird serenades nearby females from his carefully selected perch in the high altitude grasslands of Rietvlei Nature Reserve. A Burnt-necked Eremomela feeds low down in the canopy of an acacia tree on the Zaagkuildrift to Kgomo Kgomo birding route. A Lesser Swamp Warbler sits amongst tall reeds on the edge of a wetland at Marievale Bird Sanctuary. A Marsh Owl looks out across his bushveld habitat at the start of the Zaagkuildrift to Kgomo Kgomo birding route. “Early Morning Owlet” ~ As the early morning sun lights up the background, a petite, Pearl-spotted Owlet perches on a magnificent tree in the heart of the Waterberg. A female, Green Twinspot perches in her typical forest habitat in Magoebaskloof. (The forests here are dark and damp with occasional light streaming through the dense canopy. Lichen and moss cover the trees and their branches.) “Drakensberg Display”~ A male, Pin-tailed Whydah displays from his favourite perch with the Central Drakensberg in the background. A Capped Wheatear stands tall next to its nest on the baron plains of Kgomo Kgomo. “Eagle’s Eye View” ~ A Verreaux Eagle glides over the cliffs of the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens. A Black-crowned Tchagra stops for a brief moment on a small acacia tree in Monyani Private Game Reserve “Busy Builder” ~ A male, Thick-billed Weaver building its nest in typical reedbed habitat, close to water. A Lizzard Buzzard, with a lizzard in his talons, sits in his typical broad-leaved woodland habitat A European Bee-eater in its “spring time” grassland habitat. An Egyptian Plover searches for food along the banks of the Benoue River in north east Cameroon. “A Robin’s Magical Garden” ~ A Bearded Scrub Robin in his magical garden on the banks of the Blyde river. Courting White-throated Swallows select an open perch in one of the reed enclosed, waterways of Marievale Bird Sanctuary. “The Flight of the Bumblebee” ~ A male, Yellow-crowned Bishop bursts from the cover of his tall, grassland habitat in search of a nearby female. A Black Crake emerges from its dense reed habitat to investigate a dead crab. A Long-tailed Widowbird displays over the beautiful farmlands that surround the town of Devon in south east Gauteng. A Violet-eared Waxbill perches out in open in its dry, acacia habitat. A Brown Scrub Robin lurks in the shadows of its coastal forest habitat on the south coast of KwaZulu Natal. An Egyptian Plover stands alert on the banks of the Benoue River in Cameroon. A striking, male Drakensberg Rockumper standing characteristically on a rock amongst a field of beautiful, yellow flowers. A Ground Woodpecker sits charecteristically on a boulder on the slopes of the Sani Pass. A Marsh Owl looks out across his bushveld habitat at the start of the Zaagkuildrift to Kgomo Kgomo birding route. An endangered, Rudd’s Lark steps out onto a grass track in the middle of his dense, dew-filled, grassland habitat. A male, Malachite Sunbird helps himself to nectar in a Wakkerstroom garden. A Little Stint patrols the beach front at Umngazi River Bungalows in the Eastern Cape. A female, Cuckoo Finch in her “cisticola rich”, grassland habitat. A male, Red-collared Widowbird sits amongst a sea of yellow flowers in the Central Drakensberg. A Lesser Swamp Warbler creeps to the top of a prominent reed at Marievale Bird Sanctuary. An Orange River Francolin skulks through thick grass on the edge of a wetland in south east Gauteng. “Sunbird Babbler” ~ A Pied Babbler tries to be a sunbird amongst flowering succulents in the Dinokeng Nature Reserve. A female, Violet-eared Waxbill comes down to drink at a puddle in the red sands of the Kalahari. A male, Drakensberg Rockjumper stands in his typical, upright stance on a moss covered boulder in early morning light. A Bronze-winged Courser stands alert on a dirt track through the broad-leaved woodlands of north east Cameroon. An exquisite Malachite Sunbird blending in to the hilltop tangles at Giant’s Castle in the Drakensberg. A Red-collared Widowbird calls from his carefully selected perch in the high altitude grasslands of Rietvlei Nature Reserve. A sub adult, Bearded Vulture (sub-adult) soars over his Drakensberg kingdom. A pair of Wattled Crane stand in unison, as they watch over their pristine grassland habitat in Ntsikeni Nature Reserve. A Pennant-winged Nightjar after a brief thunder shower in the miombo woodlands of Dzanlanyama Forest. A Western Cattle Egret sits on his favourite perch as the sun rises over the grasslands of Rietvlei Nature Reserve. A Barrow’s Korhaan raises his voice on the open plains of Direkiesdorp near Wakkerstroom. A Pied Kingfisher fishing from his favourite, rocky perch on the east coast of South Africa. “Cisticola in the Cosmos” ~ A Leveillant’s Cisticola sings his heart out in the Cosmos of Devon’s Farmlands. “Acacia Chat” – A Familiar Chat sits precariously on a classic, acacia thorn branch in the Waterberg. A male, Green Twinspot perches on a mossy branch in his dark and gloomy forest habitat.