Favourite Birds

The “Favourite Birds” section presents a selection of some of our favourite portrait, action and “birds in their environment” photographs.

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Narina Trogon Crested Guineafowl African Pitta Green Twinspot Bronze-winged Courser Red-collared Widowbird An African Harrier Hawk raids a weaver’s colony at Nambithi Game Reserve near Ladysmith, South Africa Red-backed Mannikin Giant Kingfisher – November’s “Photograph of the Month” – The Sunday Times Wildlife Photograph of the Year 2014 competition Orange-breasted Waxbill (male) Oriole Warbler Lesser Swamp Warbler Pin-tailed Whydah Malachite Sunbird Drakensberg Rockjumper (female) Jackal Buzzard Namaqua Dove (male) Dwarf Bittern Green Twinspot (male) Eastern Nicator Malachite Sunbird (male) Orange Ground Thrush Lanner Falcon Cardinal Woodpecker Ovambo Sparrowhawk Botha’s Lark Common Waxbill Malachite Sunbird (male) Yellow-crowned Bishop / Devon Farmlands, Gauteng, South Africa / January 2018 Barrow’s Korhaan East Coast Akalat Crested Guineafowl Green Twinspot (male) Orange-breasted Waxbill (male) Narina Trogon Long-tailed Widowbird African Crake Bar-throated Apalis Crested Francolin Cape Vulture Wattled Crane Acacia Pied Barbet Red-billed Quelea / Devon Farmlands, Gauteng, South Africa / January 2018 Common Cuckoo Purple-crested Turaco Grey-backed Cisticola Lilac-breasted Roller Half-collared Kingfisher Retz Helmet-shrike Abyssinian Roller Montagu’s Harrier Great Sparrow Cape Penduline Tit Yellow-fronted Canary Yellow-crowned Bishop / Devon Farmlands, Gauteng, South Africa / January 2018 Barn Owl Black-faced Waxbill Blue Waxbill Green-backed Heron Bearded Woodpecker (female) Red-throated Bee-eater Bearded Vulture (immature) Victorin’s Warbler Grey Tit Cape Rock-thrush Pearl-spotted Owlet Lanner Falcon (juvenile) Swee Waxbill Blue Waxbill Ground Hornbill Pied Babbler Cape Penduline Tit Little Bee-eater Golden-breasted Bunting Limpopo-Lipadi-2-941 Eastern Long-billed Lark Northern Black Korhaan Greater-Kestrel_Kgalagadi-Transfrontier-Park,-South-Africa-BEST-3-CR2-SM-VB-SH-WEB Eastern Nicator Verreaux Eagle Broad-tailed Warbler Fiery-necked Nightjar Drakensberg Siskin Rufous-breasted Tit Thick-billed Weaver Lanner Falcon Orange Ground Thrush Tawny-flanked Prinia Red-capped Lark White-throated Swallows Jameson’s Firefinch Bennet’s Woodpecker (adult male) Blue-cheeked Bee-eater Kori Bustard Secretarybird African Yellow White-eye Amur Falcon Fulvous Ducj Pink-throated Twinspot Green Barbet Egyptian Plover Black Heron Drakensberg Rockjumper Purple Heron Bennet’s Woodpecker Long-tailed Widowbird Spotted Crake Lanner Falcon (juvenile) Common Waxbill Bush Blackcap Cardinal Woodpecker (female) Familiar Chat Grey-headed Oliveback