Barratt’s Warbler

Bradypterus barratti

This is an extremely easy warbler to locate but an incredibly diffucult one to see. While birding Magoeboskloof in June 2011 with David Letsoala and Gordon Botha we heard the tell-tale call of this species and after much excitement and searching we all managed to see the bird. The next step, however, was to try and get a photograph. While I waited beside a clearing, David and Gordon coaxed the skulker towards me. And voila, a poor photograph but a photograph nonetheless.

Years later I was lucky to have an incredibly close encounter with a singing bird, out in the open, on the notorious Sani Pass.

Sani-Pass-1719181215-Barrat’s-Warbler Sani-Pass-2-009201215-Barrat’s-Warbler Sani-Pass-1675191215-Barrat’s-Warbler Sani-Pass-1702191215-Barrat’s-Warbler Sani-Pass-2-016201215 Barrat’s-Warbler-2-WEB Barratt’s Warbler / Woodbush Forest, South Africa / 10 June 2011